Gather ’round the Content Cauldron: the podcast for spiritual, sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs who want to make magic with their marketing by creating content with courage, clarity, intuition and integrity.

I’m soooo excited to have you join me! In today’s intro episode, I’m giving you a little taste of Witchy Writing and how it can help you in your business.

Episode transcript

Hi, welcome to episode one of The Content Cauldron podcast. You may have been with me from the time that this podcast was about mindset coaching and mental health, right through to brave business. And now we’re reshaping things. We are bringing together all of my own personal magic with copywriting and coaching, to create a podcast that’s all about being intuitive, being in integrity, and creating content in a way that sounds like you, that really honors your values, that celebrates your story, and that allows you to really call in your coven of dream clients.

So we are throwing out the rule book. We are totally rewriting everything we’ve been taught from bro culture and the patriarchy and those really icky, slimy marketing tactics that I myself was using for much of my 14 year career as a freelance copywriter, and we are really tuning into your truth and how you can leave a legacy…and also use your work to inspire people to be really inclusive, to start conversations, to inspire action, and to create the world and the change that you want to see. Because as spiritual entrepreneurs, we have unique gifts and beautiful, beautiful heart-centered intentions. And it is my wish, it is my hope, it is my intention to use that to make our world better and fairer for all. So please note that this podcast is a feminist and anti-racist space and all are welcome.

So the plan for this show is to combine a couple of things. So the first thing that I’m planning to do is to do shorter shows where I’m teaching you all that intuitive copy, something that I actually call witchy writing, and different mindset coaching tools to help you feel courageous in getting very clear on your vision and your voice and your values, and then infusing that into your content. And I also want to bring in lots of really, really magical and inspiring guests on all sorts of business topics. So while the podcast is shaped around content and your copy and your marketing, the reason that we do that is because, if we can get really intuitive with our content, with our marketing, it then influences our entire business. And we start to show up feeling very alive and empowered. And the things that we do in business are really focused so that we’re not grinding and we’re not hustling, but we are being in flow and we’re really enjoying what we do and we can focus on our strengths. So if you are a healer, rather than spending seven hours a day getting stressed about your website, or trying to make your blog posts sound good, you can actually get out there and do the work that you’re here to do, which is healing and spend more time in your zone of genius.

So that’s the intention behind the podcast. So if you’re new here, welcome. If you have been following along on my journey through mindset coaching and that bravery book that I put out and you are excited to come on the next part of my path with me, I just want to thank you so much for sticking around. Of course, if this is where our paths diverged, then thank you for coming along the path with me so far and I wish you all the best and all the love and all the magic as you go forward.

So if you don’t know me, I have been a business owner for a little over 14 years. So I have had some contracting work and some day jobs in between, but I’ve always had something at least on the side, if not full time, because I’ve just always wanted to be an entrepreneur. My dad was, and I think I just naturally have that entrepreneurial spirit and probably was socialized as well to be like that. So I’ve had quite a few different iterations of businesses through the years. I started out as a copywriter. I’ve been a journalist. I’ve worked in public relations. I’ve been a mindset coach, as I mentioned, and I actually even had a professional organizing business. So I would go out to people’s houses in Sydney (I don’t live in Sydney anymore) but I would go to people’s houses and offices, and help them declutter and set up new systems. And what was really interesting to notice was I actually enjoyed building the brand of that business than I did actually going and decluttering people’s garages. So that probably was a very strong, intuitive nudge saying, “Hey, Katherine, this bit’s not quite right, but follow what you do love.”

And I’m also a highly sensitive empath and introvert myself, so I understand the challenges that come with that. I understand what it’s like to feel quite vulnerable and exposed, to sometimes feel quite energetically challenged, particularly when it comes to promoting ourselves online. The business world is really set up by and for quite extroverted, outgoing people. It has been established on that bro culture that I mentioned, on really harmful practices actually, and on systems of oppression and patriarchy. So because of all that, if you are an empathic spiritual person and entrepreneur, you may feel like it’s a real struggle to put yourself out there, to put your work out there, to find your people and to really connect with them in an authentic way that allows you to actually work with them and provide the transformations that you know are possible through your work, but also to benefit your own business, your family, your life.

So I also have recently started to lean into witchcraft, and this is something that I was socialized as a child to fear. It was always said that witchy things were the work of the devil. And coming to discover it in the last year or so alongside studying intersectional feminism and anti-racism, I feel like it’s really allowed me to actually tune back into my intuition and to see what I’m actually here to do, and to let everything else go, to stop fighting, to stop trying to be this professional corporate copywriter person, and to really start to tune into my own rhythms, my own cycles, and also to tune into the rhythms and cycles of nature. And at the same time to hold in my heart that beautiful tenant of witchcraft, which is “do no harm”. And that really is what this podcast is all about and what my copy coaching is all about: helping other spiritual entrepreneurs, other sensitive business owners, helpers, healers, coaches, creatives to be kind. Because when we’re kind and when we lean into who we truly are at our core, when we lean into that, that’s when we can have the biggest impact. And that’s when we wake up and we’re like, “Oh, I’m doing work that lights me up and makes a difference. I’m not following the rules because I think that’s the only option.”

So something that has always guided me is my intuition, and my vision to be kind and considerate, and to encourage people and to be in community instead of competition. And for a long time, that really was at odds with my industry. In marketing, we are taught to rely on ourselves, aren’t we? We’re taught to hoard our knowledge and to sell it. So don’t give away all the good stuff for free, sell it. We’re taught to create false scarcity and urgency, so pretend that we only have one coaching spot left, right? Or if you don’t buy now, then you’re going to continue to be a failure.

And we’re also taught, and this is something they teach in copywriting, when you’re doing a sales page or something, we’re actually taught to point out people’s problems. It’s called PAS. Point out people’s problems, agitate them, and then solve them. So here’s why you suck and how bad is that for you that you suck so much. Oh my gosh, let me just bring up your trauma for you again and get you feeling really, really inadequate, but don’t worry because I’ve got the answer and it only costs $50,000. And I don’t really want to fix your problem because I want you to keep buying from me, so I’ll give you a little taste of change, of success, but then you’ve got to up level and buy my next program. So that is the traditional way of marketing. And it’s actually linked in to how we have been socialized in this culture as well. And the systems of oppression and patriarchy have actually had a huge impact on the stories that we tell ourselves about what’s possible and what’s not.

So in my early career, I worked and lived by those rules and I always felt off. There was always a voice that said, “This is not your way. This does not feel good.” Now I do just want to point out, of course, that selling in that way, selling it with those traditional tactics, it does work. It wouldn’t be the norm if it didn’t work, but it’s not the only thing that works. It’s not the only way to write your content, to be in business, to be in the world. And our world is changing.

I think if 2020 has taught us anything, oh my gosh, what a year hey. If it’s taught us anything, it’s that people want to be in community. We want to be connected. We want to connect on that very human to human level, stripping everything back and looking at what really matters in our lives. So I want to be a part of that change, and I’m guessing you do too. I want to create a coven and community that uplifts and supports each other, not tears each other down and looks at each other as like, “Ooh, Ooh, you’ve got dollar signs above your head, what can I sell to you?“ I want to create communities and work with people who invite others in to their realm, who say “Hey, here’s my vision for the future, here’s the world that I’m trying to create, do you want to join me?” rather than doing it in a very sleazy, manipulative way of going “Well, you’ve got problems and I’m going to fix them because I’m this guru [usually a white guru]. I’m this guru at the top of the pyramid and I’m going to drip feed you all the things that are going to help you.”

So I want to build a coven of spiritual entrepreneurs who succeed by telling their truth and having the courage to do that. Not by selling lies and creating competition and division. Because I believe, actually I know, that when we show up and tell our truth and do it with integrity and heart, our drops in the ocean become ripples that generate a tidal wave of change. So that is what this podcast is all about. Those are the types of people that I’m calling into my coven. So if that really resonates with you, welcome. Yay. We’ve found each other. Woo hoo hoo. I’m doing a little dance in my chair. Yeah.

Okay. So the reason that I love to teach on witchy or intuitive copywriting is for a number of reasons. Aside from everything that we just talked about, I see some things coming up a lot with the spiritual entrepreneurs that I coach and have in the coven. And by the way, if you’d like to join the coven, it’s a free Facebook group, so I will pop a link in the podcast. Come join, because we are a really intimate little group of spiritual, sensitive, empathic entrepreneurs. Some of us are baby witches. We all come from sort of different approaches with our spirituality, which is why I love it because we’re all leaning into our own truths. But what unites us is that we want to build our businesses in ways that are really truthful and inclusive and kind. So yeah, if that resonates with you, I would love for you to join us.

So something that comes up there and also with my coaching clients is we have this fear of being visible, right? Being visible is really scary. We have not been taught to be visible, particularly if you are woman identifying or a marginalized identity, you probably have not been taught this or encouraged to do this. And being seen and standing out for your differences, taking a stand on the things that you believe in and the things that you don’t like about the world. Again, I was definitely socialized to be the nice girl, not to rock the boat, to smile, so I totally understand that there’s this fear around being visible and speaking our truth.

There’s also…it links back to what we were talking about before with the traditional marketing strategies, is that a lot of people worry that they’re writing in the wrong way. Am I pulling the right psychological levers? How do I convince people to buy from me? Is this going to convert? So because of this, we get really hung up on what to write and how to write it, and we get further and further away from the intuitive voice within that actually we know how to write and talk to our people. And so writing our own content ends up getting pushed down the list. So we either don’t do it, or we do it in a way that feels like drudgery, it’s really, really hard, or we publish it and we’re not really excited. We might even be a bit nervous to put it out there because we know it doesn’t really sound like us. We were copying someone else, we were using someone else’s voice because we’re a bit scared to put ourselves out there.

And then what happens is our messaging gets really murky and inconsistent, so our brand gets really murky and inconsistent, and so our offers that we put out there are murky and inconsistent. So it just means that rather than there being this really clear path between our brand and our people, it’s like we’re going on this huge meandering journey, and so are they, to kind of try and figure out who we are, what we do, and who we do it for.

I find too that a lot of people don’t know how much of their story to share, how vulnerable to really get, and what the difference is between being uncomfortable when we share our truth and being at risk when we share our truth. Another thing is not knowing how to break the rules. So a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs I work with are rule breakers, we’re rebellious in many ways because just by declaring that we have a spiritual business, that we’re here to help people in a way that’s a little bit different to traditional business, that already says that we are kind of rebellious by nature.

But because we’ve got so many experts out there telling us, “Here’s how you should structure your sales page, here’s how you should write your Instagram posts to convert people,“ while we want to break the rules, we don’t know which ones we can break. So again, we tend to adopt a voice that just sounds like someone else or we’re so busy thinking about, “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know” that we can’t get into the good energy that it takes to really create a connection with our content, because it really is about energetically making a connection. That’s what witchy writing, or intuitive copywriting, whatever you want to call it, is all about. It’s about energetically connecting to your vision, your voice, and your values so that you can connect energetically with your people, with your clients, with your community, with your coven.

I also find that perhaps you have hired a copywriter in the past and you spent a lot of money on that. I get it, it’s not a cheap exercise, but then when you got your copy back, it just didn’t sound like you. It just sounded like either something really conventional or it sounded like the copywriter’s brand or it sounded like a really big leader in your industry and you just were like, “Oh, I can’t use this because it doesn’t feel like me.”

Another big thing that comes up a lot is thinking that our content, our marketing, our businesses have to be perfect before we send them out into the world. But I’m all about taking imperfect action and also showing the evolution. I mean, that’s why I love working with spiritual entrepreneurs so much is because we all have this very strong sense and understanding that life is a constant evolution, right? We are never fixed. We never arrive. We are just constantly journeying through and learning lessons along the way. So if we can apply that to our content, we are going to be doing so, so, so well because we’re going to be really tuned into the people that we’re connecting with. Because you may only be a couple of meters, miles, people use different measurements, but a couple of meters, a little way along the path, than your dream clients.

You don’t have to be at the end of the path, you just can be a few steps ahead of them. So if you’re able to reach back and say, “Hey, you know what, I remember what it was like to be where you are and I tried this, I tried that. I find this works, this doesn’t. Here’s what I believe in. Here’s what I think is going to help you get up here and continue on your path.” Rather than saying “I’m the guru with all the answers. I’ve always had a perfect projection through my business and through my life” which is very, very hard for people to relate to because life just isn’t like that. Business and entrepreneurship definitely is not like that. It’s a bumpy, bumpy road. So the more comfortable we can get with sharing the bumps, the smoother it’s actually going to be to connect with our coven and to make an impact in their lives and ours.

So those were a couple of the things that come up. I could go on and on, there’s so many, and you probably have your own blocks that come up too. Your own stories about what’s possible for you with your copy, with your marketing, with your business, and with really connecting with your audience. So if you haven’t reflection about that, take some time to really think what are the stories and socializations that I’m telling myself about what’s possible.

So I mentioned before that what I teach is witchy writing and another word for this, another term for this, is intuitive copywriting. But I love to call it witchy writing because, hey, it’s the Content Cauldron, that’s what we do. We’re a little bit witchy. So I wanted to just give you a little definition that I’ve come up with to really describe what witchy writing is and to give you a sort of foundation for the other things that I teach as we go along with the podcast.

So if you join my free Intuitive Copy Class, which if you go to, you’ll find a button to join the class. It’s free and you can take it at any time. If you join that class, you’ll actually get a spell book that has a spot in it to write down this definition. So go grab that because it’s going to be really, really helpful and it’s going to walk you through the framework for witchy writing. And I will go through the framework in a sec. But witchy writing is connecting deeply with your vision, voice, and values to create empowering, inclusive, kind content that converts by calling clients in with your story rather than calling them out with sleazy sales tactics. So that you can start a conversation, inspire action, foster community, and spark change. So, as I said, head over to and join the free class. You’ll get instant access to the three classes and the spell book where you can actually pop in that definition.

So that’s really where I’m coming at with this. It’s about getting very, very connected to your truth so that when you go out and connect with the people who are here to hear your truth, to receive your message, to come along on your mission, and to help you reach your vision, you’re going to be able to connect much easily with them.

Now if you do take the class, I’m going to walk you through all of how that works. So there are three ingredients to witchy writing that you need to pop into the cauldron and stir, so that you can make magic with your marketing. The first is courage. So this is looking at what blocks, beliefs, and socializations you need to see, feel, heal, and shift so that you can write with confidence and clarity about your work and how you serve. So that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about so far.

The second ingredient is clarity. That’s getting really clear on your vision, your voice, and your values. Now there’s two pieces to that. There’s your personal vision, voice, and values and there’s your brand vision, voice, and values. Sometimes they’re the same. I find that with a lot of my clients they tend to be the same, or there’s at least a lot of overlap because who we are in life is who we are in our businesses. It’s just kind of our nature as spiritual entrepreneurs. But they might be different too. You might have a very, very distinct brand of voice and values too. So getting really, really clear on that so that rather than muddying through, muddling through trying to figure this thing out as you go along.

If you can start off with that clarity while still knowing that it can move and flow as you do and as your business changes, but having that as kind of a starting point or a grounding point, the roots that kind of earth you, then doing your marketing in terms of your planning, your writing, your publishing, whether you’re doing podcasts, YouTube videos, whatever it is that’s part of your strategy, it will be a lot easier and more fun because you’re like, okay, does this come back to my vision? Does this sound like me? And does this communicate my values, which are my standards? What I believe in and what I don’t believe in. What I stand for and what I stand against. Does this piece of content really honor that root system? So that clarity is so important.

And then the last ingredient is connection. So that’s all about how can you intuitively, and with integrity, connect with your dream clients. So who are those people? What do they need from you? How do you best support them? How can you energetically tune into them when you’re creating your content? And what sorts of words and phrases allow you to really do that and to do it quite deeply.

So that is episode one of the revamped podcast, The Content Cauldron, and thank you for tuning in. I’m so, so excited to be on this journey with you. If you would like to learn more about intuitive copywriting, about witchy writing, as I said, just head to, you can sign up straight from the home page. And I wish you a really, really magical week. And I look forward to speaking with you again really soon. Bye-bye.