This morning on The Content Cauldron podcast, I pulled a tarot card from the gorgeous Muse deck by Chris-Anne.

So grab a cuppa and cosy up by the cauldron, as we look at how this card relates to our journey as spiritual entrepreneurs.

Episode transcript

I’ve been doing this thing the last week, where every day I wake up and I pull a tarot card from my absolute favourite, favourite deck, The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne. I love this deck. I mean, the first obvious reason is because the predominant colour is mint, which is not only my brand colour, but my personal colour. I always feel so drawn to mint, it’s fresh, it’s peaceful, it’s clear. And I guess it’s my colour.

But beyond that, the artwork in this deck is beautiful, and I love it because it’s a really intuitive deck to use. I’m very new to tarot. Let me just start by saying that. This is the first deck I’ve bought, which is interesting because all of the…what do you call them? Suits. All of the suits are renamed. So the Cups are recast as Emotions, Wands are recast as Inspiration, Swords are recast as Voices and Pentacles are recast as Materials. And the illustrations on the cards that come along with it, just beautiful.

So that’s the deck that I’ve been using every morning. And when I pull a card, I go and reference it in this beautiful, beautiful, tarot book which, surprise, surprise is also in my favorite colour. I promise you that wasn’t intentional, but I went into the metaphysical store, the magical shop, just down the road from me here. And this book just jumped out at me. I wasn’t even looking for a tarot book but I just felt like this had to come home.

So this is the tarot. It’s just called Tarot by Tina Gong. And it is so beautiful. It goes through every card and gives you the meaning for upright and reverse. So every morning I’ve been pulling a card, I’ve been reading the interpretation from that book. I’ve been reflecting on how that card is relating to a current situation, challenge, intention, desire that I have in my life and writing that in my journal. And it’s just been a really beautiful start to the day.

Well, today I pulled a card and I just got this instant bolt of, you know what? You should do podcast episodes on the cards that you pull, relating them to all the spiritual entrepreneurs who are building their businesses in this really beautiful, intuitive way, in a very soulful, heart-led way. And using the card as sort of a foundation for that day’s teaching, I suppose.

So let me say that I’m not going to be doing too much of my own interpretation of the cards themselves, as I said, I’m not a tarot expert. So please don’t rely on me to be your tarot teacher. However, I will be intuitively relating the card to our marketing, to our business building. And that’s the part that I’m really excited about. So what card did I pull today? I pulled the Three of Inspiration.

Now you are going to hear lots of pages rustling because I’ve got my journal. I’ve got the book that came with the deck, and I’ve got my tarot book here. And of course the card. So you’re going to hear me shuffling, but personally I love the sound of paper. I actually have been working this week with a background thing off YouTube, like a background music video off YouTube of basically like a quiet library. And all you can hear is pages, and a bit of a whisper in the corner, and some fire crackling in the corner. It’s just lovely.

Anywho, Three of Inspiration was the card. Now I did actually pull it reversed, dramatic! Reversed obviously gives a very different reading to if I had pulled it upright. So I will read you the themes of this card from my tarot book. And they are obstacles, regret, challenges, frustration and disappointment. But that’s cool. That’s cool. This is life. This is the shadow. This is important. And if we’ve connected for a while now, elsewhere, obviously the podcast has just gone in any direction, but if you’ve been following me on Instagram in particular, you’ll know that my whole thing is that in the spiritual world, in the spiritual and wellness entrepreneurial space, we have to be really mindful of not just showing the positive vibes and the lightness. We’ve got to show the depth, the dark, the shadows. I think I’m about to sneeze. Hang on. Oh my God. I think that’s the first sneeze I’ve ever done on a podcast! And I’m going to leave it in because that’s the shadow!

Okay. So let me read out to you what the interpretation in the tarot book says about this card, before we dive in and relate it to our own businesses and our content. Despite best efforts, plans don’t always come to fruition. The work may have been done, but for whatever reason, the fool found obstacles, frustrations, disappointment, and delays. He may regret even having tried. His first steps have proven to be overwhelming. Perhaps he was not ready for all the toil, sacrifices and challenges that he would face. He may have to revise his original ideas. Yes, I’m sure we can all relate to that one.

Then we have a little box with a reflection. So I’ll read that to you as well. And this is reflection in terms of what you can use to reflect on in your own life. It is disappointing to try your best and not get results. Yes, it is very much so. All journeys have setbacks. They make the whole story so much more compelling. Past mistakes can show us how we’ve learned and improved. Are you reconsidering your choices? Have you made errors that can help you refine your approach? What did you learn? How can you make it better? Actually, how can it make you better?

So that’s the Three of Inspiration card reversed and the interpretation of it. And so I really wanted to relate this to first of all our content, but then diving deeper, wider, in terms of how it relates to what we do in our businesses. So let’s say you write something, let’s say it’s a sales page and you’ve spent a long, long, long time on that sales page because I know they take a long, long, long time to do, and we get all caught up in whether they’re going to work and how to convert and “does it sound like me, does this not sound like me?” Sales pages seem to be a huge stressor for the people that I work with.

So let’s say you’re writing that and you’ve put it out there and it’s just silent. You just don’t get the response that you were hoping for. And yes, that is disappointing. Particularly if maybe you’ve actually hired someone to do that page for you, but maybe even more so if you do it yourself, because you’re so close to it. Or maybe thinking outside of content, maybe you’ve launched a program or a course, or some offering and it’s just not selling. And there’s that frustration because you think, “oh my gosh, I put everything into this.”

If this didn’t work, then I had might as well give up, I had might as well just give up on everything, close my business, whatever, go find another job because obviously this is just not the path for me. We get so upset and so frustrated and we take it so personally. And I think that this comes from maybe an expectation that…this is going to sound harsh, but I’m talking to myself too, this expectation that we deserve success in every single way.

Like we deserve for things to go out into the world and for people to go, “Yes, I want that. Here, take my money, take my money.” And what I’m learning, because I’m quite an impatient person, my big shadow work this year has been around allowing things the space and the time to grow and to flourish. I can’t plant the seed and expect a tree the next day. I want a tree. That’s why I’m planting the seed. I really want that tree. And I want it now, but I have to give it the time, the space I have to water it. I have to nurture it so that it can grow into a tree when it’s time for it to turn into a tree, right?

But I think I’m speaking as a white woman, I think that there is this expectation. Or because of our privilege, we just believe that we deserve success in every way. And what I loved about the reflection piece I just read you, is about how all journeys have setbacks and they make the story compelling. They make your story so much more compelling. And content is really about telling a story. So when you are going through your business and you’re using your story to connect with your coven of clients, and you’re saying, “Hey, look, I’ve been where you are. Further back on the path, I had that stumble as well, and I tried this and I tried that, this thing didn’t work, this thing did, this thing really helped me, this thing did not support me at all.”

You are then relating to them in a really real way and giving them very genuine solutions, because they’re based on experience. You’ve got the proof that they work. Those approaches will work and you have proof that other approaches won’t work. And that’s not to say that what works for you won’t work for them and vice versa. But you are offering the solutions, and you’re using your story to connect with people and say, “Hey, this was my evolution. These are the lessons that I learned, and that I’ve used to then move forward on this path.”

So I think we have to change our expectation that the path that we take, particularly as spiritual entrepreneurs, as business owners, is that things will be smooth. That the path will just be this straight line, no trees to bash through, no hurdles. We’ll always have our compass in our hand guiding us forward. It’s not always the way. And I think that’d be boring. One of the things I really love and equally hate about being an entrepreneur is the unknowing, is the fact that no one can sit me down and go, “Here you go. I’ve written you a roadmap. If you just do these five things, you will get to this point, you will achieve these goals.” That doesn’t exist.

We get that from setting out on the path, not really knowing what’s ahead, taking each thing as it comes, allowing for the blocks and the barriers and the disappointments and the hurts to be there because then we know next time, “Oh, I’ve been here before. I know how to navigate around this. I’m stronger because back there on the trail, I tripped over that rock.” Or whatever it was, metaphorically speaking, of course. So there’re some action points here in this book for each of the cards, and I’m going to read you the two that relate to the Three of Inspiration, which is the Three of Wands. And then we’ll relate them to your content, your marketing, your business as well.

So the first is change your expectations, which I was just talking about. So give yourself space, so you can proceed without being too emotionally caught up in potential disappointment. Try to build extra time and resources into your expectations and see how this changes your emotional responses. So if we’re looking at that in terms of our business, giving our business room to breathe, not just ourselves, but giving the things we create, the business. Which I always see my business as being like a separate entity. It’s a being in its own sense. So I give that space. It’s kind of if you’ve got a partner, or you’ve had a partner in the past, and you found that the more you sort of tried to hound them and push them into a corner and convince them of what you’re trying to say about how you’re right and they’re wrong or whatever, the more you come at them, the more they are repelled away from you, right? They feel very like hemmed in and pressured, and it’s not like an attraction, it’s a retraction, it’s a rebound, it’s repelling. They don’t want to be near you, because your energy is so intense. And you’re just not giving them space to think, let alone to sort of form an argument, and allow for a healthy two way conversation to happen and then a resolution. So I think we have to do the same with our business. We are in relationship with our business. So give our business space. If we put something out there, like our sales page, give it a little time to be out there before we start panicking. Love on that page, love on our business.

And then that’s going to get us into that beautiful, aligned energy, where we are so excited to share it with people that it doesn’t feel like selling. It doesn’t feel like convincing energy because it’s not, it’s just pure joy and excitement that, oh my gosh, I created this thing and I can’t wait to make magic with the people I created it for. If you go out there with that intention and that energy, then chances are the results are going to be so much better, but we just have to allow the time and space for that to come. The tree may not flourish tomorrow, but under the surface, it is growing. It is establishing the roots. I don’t really know much about how trees grow. So I’m just going to leave the terminology there. Because I was about to say, “And then the seed starts to germinate.” I’m like, I don’t know if that’s true. So let’s just not talk about that.

Okay. So the second action step is to learn from missteps. Yes, I love this because it fits so perfectly in with the analogy of being on your path, learning from the missteps along the way. Inevitable obstacles and missteps don’t have to ruin your entire project or your entire business. Hi, talking to myself. Instead of kicking yourself for making mistakes, forgive yourself and focus on what you’ve learned, transform that knowledge into practical action. Why is it that we have not grown up being taught to learn from our mistakes? Maybe some of us have, but me, and I meet so many people in my business in my life, where we make a mistake and we are so mean, we are so harsh on ourselves, and we take it as a personal failure. It means that we are a failure as a human and that breaks my heart. And that has been my huge shadow work too, because I was bullied so badly as a kid, so badly that I had like no sense of self-confidence at all.

And of course that went into my twenties and caused a lot of chaos, because I hadn’t found a way to deal with that and to use those experiences as lessons. Now I do. Now, I see them as a beautiful part of my story that I wouldn’t take back, but we are just aren’t taught to learn from our missteps. We’re not taught to learn from our missteps and we need to do that. We need to be open to that learning as well. So I love that this point here is about forgiving yourself. That forgiveness piece is so big. You put the sales page out there, you’ve got to forgive yourself if it’s just not moving the way you thought.

I would love for this podcast to be beaming into the ears of a 100,000 people right now. But it won’t be. It’s probably going to hit about 100 to start off with. And I cherish every one of those 100, because that’s where I’m at on the path right now. So you put your sales page out there, you get a couple of views. That’s okay. You are at that point in your journey, don’t allow that to derail you and not take action because of course we have to take action in alignment with the intention. That’s how all of this magic works, getting your energy charged up.

So don’t allow it to be, “Oh, I failed. I’m just going to stop.” No, no, no, no, because you’ve already taken huge momentum to get going. So you’ve just got to keep walking on your path, and it will start to get results. The tree will start to germinate, whatever. The tree will start to grow. And so I think that if you’re writing something, if you’re marketing an offer that you have…what I’m doing at the moment is totally transforming my business away from corporate copywriting and into witchy writing, which I just love. But I appreciate that it’s not going to be a smooth journey. I’m in for it. I get it. I’ve got my backpack. I’ve got all my resources to make sure that when I do get stuck, I can steer myself back on track without totally collapsing.

So I love this card. I think it is all about being curious, about being open to learning from our lessons, about seeing the missteps as a part of our story, that we can then share with people so that they relate to us and they see the value in working with us. And we can develop that really beautiful, authentic, deep, deep, deep relationship with them, which of course is what spiritual entrepreneurship is all about. And I think it’s about recording those insights too. So whether you use like a Google Sheet or a document on your computer or your journal, your planner, whatever, recording those insights.

So I put the sales page out there and I didn’t really get a response or I had three people respond, put three in that box and be proud of that three. Be proud of those three enquiries, because those are three enquiries that came from you putting that sales page out there. If you hadn’t done that work, they wouldn’t be there. So honour that, celebrate that, use the data to guide you forward. What might happen? What could I tweak? How can I promote this a little bit more? How creative can I get in the way that I get this out to my people? So that I can then get five people tomorrow and then grow it from there.

So I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. And I found this a really fun format actually. So I might start to integrate it into the podcast, and maybe I would love to do it every day, but life. So I’m going to hold the intention of doing it as often as I can. I am doing the card pulls for myself every morning, and I love that space. So I’m quite careful of honouring that and allowing that to just be time and space for me to go within. But if something comes up that I feel I really want to share, that I think might be valuable for you and for your business, then absolutely. I will jump on and record a podcast. Like I have this morning.

I have to say it’s a real joy to be podcasting in a way that’s a lot more real. I used to spend hours and hours editing my podcasts. I do recognise I probably need to get a better microphone and I will do that. It is on my list, but I like just chatting, and I’m becoming more okay with letting the ums and the uhs be in there, and the sneezes, and the mental blocks where I’m like, “how does a tree grow again? I don’t know. I don’t know anything about trees.” That kind of thing.

I like just being able to chat with you and be real with you. And that’s something that I’ve not always done. So just to close off, I wanted to actually read from the book that came with The Muse Tarot deck, because Chris-Anne at the end of each card has a beautiful little, I guess, incantation just to close off each card. And they’re always beautiful. So I would like to close the episode with the one for the Three of Inspiration, which is the Three of Wands: “The dominoes of joy I seek infectious, happy things. I wait for mine while at the sea with all the songs she brings.” Thanks so much writing witches, and I’ll talk to you really soon. Bye for now. Bye.