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We have enjoyed working with Katherine over the past year or so, and confidently recommend her to anyone who is looking for support in writing heart-based copy that’s aligned with your vision, values and voice. Being looked after us in this way has really lifted a big workload and emotional load off our shoulders, and enabled us to focus on what we really want in our business.

Naomi Arnold & Cameron Airen, Feminist Coach Academy

Our website copy was a little out of touch with our values and branding. We’re super happy and excited about the results. Katherine took control of what needed to be done and held our hand through the whole process. Even if you’re not 100% clear on everything you need, Katherine can guide and consult with you on what’s going to work and be the best result.

Sian Dawson EASE Business ServicesSian Dawson, EASE Business Services

Katherine is a naturally talented writer who can create warm, engaging stories, and craft on-message, persuasive copy. She knows how to think outside the brief (and ask the right questions) to come up with a fresh, original approach that will resonate with her reader. Best of all, she is an absolute joy to work with.

Sara HowardSara Howard, Writers Pty Ltd – Australia & UK

Katherine was so wonderful to work with – she saved me from About page paralysis and shame by helping me articulate so clearly what was in my heart. When you are so used to being in you own head about what you do, having someone who is adept at coaching and copy to look at my work from the outside in was a dream combination. I’m so grateful to Katherine for this. She is so gentle and insightful and was listening deeply to my vision.

Amanda Freeman, Inspire Natural Therapies

I just added your beautiful words to my page. I’m feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. I am so overjoyed with how it’s turned out. I honestly couldn’t have imagined this.

Kari DoyleKari Doyle, Artist

Katherine has a gift for providing clarity, calm and direction. Even as a copywriter, writing my own copy is so challenging and it’s impossible to stay objective, so I’m never quite sure if I’m hitting the mark. In just a few short minutes, Katherine was able to pinpoint the areas of weakness on my sales page and gave me simple tips for making it more effective. I implemented her tips right away and woke up to a couple more students in my program — a coincidence? I think not!

Kat Elizabeth, The Personal Branding Project

I now feel so much more confident that I am connecting with my audience in a genuine way. When we flipped my content using your structure, the key messages stood out with much more impact! A bit of copy magic right there! My copy will now speak so much more directly with my audience, to enable me to communicate how I am able to help them and how my programs are different.

Rachel AbelRachel Abel, Leadership Coach

Thank you so much for the productive session yesterday! I walked away with so much clarity. I was able to complete my offer and feel really empowered and great about it! You noticed every word that was holding me back and helped me tune into what I want to be sharing. I was really impressed by how much we got accomplished in just 45 minutes!!!

Kate WoolseyKate Woolsey, Kate Woolsey Wellness

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