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Episode transcript

Well hi! Welcome back to the Content Cauldron. I’m so, so thankful to have you here. And I’m really excited to bring you another episode in the season of winter. Because if you’ve been listening to the last couple of episodes, you’ll know we’ve been exploring winter, not necessarily as a season in nature, although here in Australia it is winter, the middle of winter. And I know my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, many of you are experiencing a heatwave. So I hope you’re keeping cool. But here it is very cold. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that just because it’s hot outside or cold outside, that the season reflects the one that you’re going through. Sometimes it does, but often it doesn’t. So you might be having a tough time in your life, you might be going through some stuff, you might be really struggling with some things in your business, you know, things that slow down, it’s a bit sluggish. Maybe the money just is not coming in at the level that you would like it to come in. 

That’s a huge one. It’s very common all throughout the entrepreneurial journey, the business journey. So we’re continuing that thread in today’s episode, still in the season of winter as a metaphor for tough times, right. And what I love about winter in nature, is it’s a season of slowing down. It’s a season of stillness. It’s about introspection, withdrawing from all of the external stuff, and really coming within ourselves to reflect and pause and start to dream up the seeds that we would like to plant for the warmer sunnier seasons to come. It’s a time of hibernation as well. That being said, we still have to keep growing our businesses, right, we still have to keep marketing, and connecting and having conversations with those folks who might be a great fit for our work. Above all, we still have to make money. That’s why we’re in business. We’re not having a hobby, this is not a charity, we are running a business. And as we make money, we’re then able to turn that money around and put it back out into the world to create the change we wish to see. So it’s a really big thing. And it’s totally okay to want to make money in your business. So when that’s not happening, it can be really, really frustrating.

And when you feel like being a bit withdrawn and taking yourself away from everything and everyone, there can be this struggle within, you know, there can be this sort of yin and yang, this tug of war between, gosh, I just want to pull away and really be at peace and find some stillness. But at the same time, I don’t want that to mean that my business stagnates, or I lose clients, or I lose my momentum with my marketing and my sales. So today, I’m sharing my favorite ways to do quiet, heart-centered marketing. So maybe that’s with or without social media…I’ve actually ditched social media, which might be surprising as I’m a copywriter, I work in marketing, but I have ditched social media for now. I never say never to anything. But for now it’s working really well. So you might choose to just reconfigure your relationship with social media and your intentionality around it. Or you might, you know, go off it completely like I have, and that is totally your choice. And it’ll be whatever works for you. But we’ll also look at how to cultivate clients and community when you are actually in a quiet period, or when you’re being afraid to put yourself out there. Or when you just don’t have the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual capacity to do that. And also what to do if you’re facing an illness or grief, or any other challenge that is making marketing at full volume kind of unrealistic right now. I’ve actually got a dear friend who’s in quarantine at the moment and I know they’ll be listening to this episode, hello, you know who you are. And that can be a challenge to right if you’re running a business, that can be really, really hard if you’re having to, you’re actually being forced to isolate, to completely isolate. Thankfully, we do have the internet and our online marketing can continue, but those things do have a toll on our mentality, a toll on our motivation and momentum.

So we’re going to look at some simple steps to honor your energy and your business right now, whle still infusing some momentum and freshness into your everyday. So we just had Yule here. So if you follow the Wheel of the Year, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we just had Yule, which is kind of strange, because we also follow…we actually follow the Christian calendar, I guess that’s what it is. So you know, Christmas is celebrated at the end of the year in line with the northern hemisphere. However, seasonally that doesn’t work out because it’s our summer. So because it’s winter now, we just had our Yule, we just had that midpoint in the year where we celebrate light returning, and we say, yay, the longest darkest days are behind us and the sun is just over the horizon. So what I love about Yule is, it can be a reminder for us that no matter what’s happening, the sun will show up again. And of course, someone has just decided to get a leaf blower out while I’m recording this episode. Yay. It’s Saturday morning here. And I live in the bush. And so there’s a lot of trees and a lot of people who like to do yard work. So there will be all sorts of sounds that we hear the podcast this morning, my apologies. So I don’t think that that leaf blower is going to stop anytime soon. This is one of the things of doing a podcast doing any kind of live video, or audio recordings, whatever it is, inevitably, someone will make noise. There’ll be a dog, there’ll be a car, there’ll be people chopping down trees. Oh my goodness. So I am actually going to be a flexible heart-based business owner and go for a run. And I will meet back up with you when I finish my run. And hopefully my neighbor has finished their leaf blowing or leaf chopping down or whatever the heck they’re doing.

All right, well, welcome back! I did go for my run. I thought about maybe editing that bit out with the neighbor. But you know, I thought no, we’re very real around here. And that’s what doing heart-based business is all about, it’s about being real, and just rolling with it and being imperfect. So I’m gonna leave that bit in. I did go for a run. Then I came home and my partner called and said, “I’m coming home to grab some stuff to go to the gym.” So I had to stop recording again. Then the kitten was running around. Monty was running around like a total goose. So I played with him. And I was like, is this podcast even gonna happen today? So I just gave up. I made a coffee. And I went and watched The Hills, the new series of The Hills, which is my guilty pleasure at the moment, I just love all the drama and toxicity. It’s just so satisfying. So I’m back in the studio now. And we were talking about Yule just before we stopped there…and I’m lighting a Yule candle, actually. It’s the Yule Blessings Crystal Candle by Wichin’ Wares, which is an Australian based business with witch products I guess you’d call it. They do beautiful things. They’ve got fantastic candles, wonderful witchy tools, and different things. This one’s got gorgeous glitter and crystals. I can see…I think it’s maybe got some cinnamon in here. Maybe like some mini acorns, I’m not entirely sure. And when I first opened this up, I wasn’t that keen on the smell to be honest with you. It’s kind of a sickly, a sickly sweet, almost like a marzipan smell, which I’ve never been a fan of. But I have to say lighting it is very different. So now that I’ve lit, oh, it’s just gorgeous, like all of their candles. So yeah, I’ve got that lit.

And I just wanted to carry on the conversation from where we left it before. Just to say one thing about being in business, because I know that a lot of folks who listen to this podcast are just starting out, or are maybe a year or two into their business. And I’ve been chatting to a lot of them lately. And as someone who has been doing this for 14 years, please know that this is one of the hardest things you will ever do. So long as you’ve got all your other needs met, you’ve got your basic needs met and, you know, you’re covered in that sense. I really think that starting and growing and nurturing a business on your own really is one of the hardest things you will ever, ever do. And it’s one of the reasons I wanted to start this podcast up again was to bring out the reality of doing a business by yourself. And not only is it hard if you are able-bodied and neurotypical, but it is also much more difficult when you’re not neurotypical, when you’re not able-bodied, when you perhaps are facing oppressions or other circumstances out of your control. It is so freakin difficult. So when you’re having those really tough days, please just bear in mind that everyone is feeling it with you, you are so not alone in feeling like this. It’s really, really tough stuff. It is. It brings out everything. It’ll bring up all of your doubts. It’ll bring out all of your insecurities, your anxieties, your fears, it will challenge you in ways you never expected.

Is it worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely, it is worth it. But please know that it is not easy. And I think that’s what makes it enjoyable, in a kind of sick way. If that makes sense, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s not easy. And so it’s so satisfying when you wake up and you give it another crack. It’s so satisfying when you try something new with your marketing or your sales and it works. It’s so satisfying when you team up with a client or a customer and it’s just a really beautiful, fulfilling, meaningful relationship that you have, and you do great work for that person, and you really see it shift the needle for them in their work or their life. So please know that whatever winter is looking like for you in your business, at any point, maybe it’s not now, but just something to kind of keep in mind when you do have those challenges, those difficult days. This is actually what it’s all about. So if you’re having a difficult day, you can just say to yourself, oh, well, I’m a legitimate business owner. I am a CEO. I am doing this thing. And I know that I’m doing this thing. And I know I’m successful, because I’m finding it really difficult. And I feel like it’s a struggle. And I feel like I don’t know what to do next. It’s all part of this journey.

This is why not everyone goes into business. And I think I mentioned maybe on the last podcast that I’m working a couple of days a week with a corporate client, an advertising agency. And it’s really interesting to see what it’s like when you are someone who just goes to work, and doesn’t have to think about bringing clients into that business, marketing yourself, you know, someone else is taking care of all of that. And you just show up and do the work that you’re great at, you just go and be in your zone of genius, if you’re a graphic designer or a copywriter like me, or whatever your role is within that company within that business, it is really easy. And it was so interesting. And it still is so interesting to go into that office, and to see how different it is to work for someone else versus working for yourself. And I think sometimes it can actually be a really good exercise. So whether you go and get a day job, or you just go and volunteer somewhere, or you work one or two days a week, whether it’s in your field, or it’s a completely different field, it’s a different job entirely to what you’re building in your business. I actually think it can be quite humbling in some ways, but also a beautiful reminder that you’re doing fantastic in your business, because most people go to work, they get a paycheck, and all they have to do is be in their zone of genius. I’m not saying that their jobs are necessarily easy and they don’t have their hard days as well. But so much of what a business owner has to do is not even in their frame of reference when they’re going to work. So I think that that can be really refreshing too, and maybe worth considering if you’re really hitting up against a brick wall, particularly if you’re not getting enough sales in to just meet your basic needs, pay your bills, know that you’ve got enough to put food on the table. Things like that I would suggest actually exploring, whether it’s just with you, or whether you have a partner or family, and just have a chat about okay, what could I do to actually take the pressure off my business. And in doing so, it can just be a really great exercise in first of all falling back in love with your business because it’s like, wow, I go and do this other job. I leave it at the door when I go home. And then I get to do my fun stuff.

So yeah, went on a bit of a tangent there, but I hope that that makes sense. So I’m going to go through 7 things that can really support you when it’s a bit of a difficult time in your business. So 7 ways that we can market ourselves and still make sales and still feel really, really good in our business without burning ourselves out, without guilt-tripping ourselves without having any shame or blame or anything like that.

So the first rule of heart-based marketing is there are no rules. Boom. You know, like Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club. The first rule of heart-based marketing is there are no rules, you can do it your way. The way that I run my business is very unconventional now compared to when it was before, when I wasn’t doing heart-based marketing or heart-based business practices. So I now do my own magickal work before any calls, any marketing activity. Before I even sit down at my desk, I do some magickal practice. I might cast a business spell, I might pull a card or sometimes even send a card reading to someone as a surprise. I do things like letting my clients set the price, so I no longer have packages. I really develop a close one-to-one relationship with a potential client and chat about, “Okay, what’s doable for you, if I was to step in and support your business with my copywriting, with my marketing, what is doable for you? What is affordable for you? What’s accessible for you?” And like, looking at, “Okay, well, you’ve got that need, I can do it for this amount, that will make sure that I’m covering my costs as well.” And really having a lovely sort of mutual dance there.

I also don’t do a lot of work during my bleed week. So when I have my bleed, and a couple of days before when I have depression, I don’t really do a lot of work. I definitely don’t schedule any calls. I really try and avoid that. It’s not always possible, but I had that intention of okay, my period is coming up. These are the days that I’m just going to block out my calendar. People understand, and I think this is something that can take a while to learn in business is: there’s no one telling you what you have to do anymore. You know, when you do go and work for someone else, you sort of have to abide by the culture, the rules and everything else in that business, within that team. When it’s just you, you’re the one who gets to set the rules, you’re the one who gets to put the boundaries up. So if you say “I don’t want to do any work when my chronic illness flares up or when I’ve got a really high anxiety day” or whatever it is for you, you can set that expectation. And so long as you communicate that to people, honestly, people fall in between the gaps of that. They really do.

I also haven’t been on social media, I mentioned at the start. And what’s really cool is I’ve been having bigger months in my business than I did when I was focusing on social media as my main marketing tool. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t necessarily go back onto social media in the future. And that’s not to say that social media is not a tool that can be very useful and work for folks, it definitely can. But for me, I felt like I was putting so much focus, so much external focus on what other people were saying, how they were perfecting their feeds, and I was actually missing the point: social media. I was missing the social component. It isn’t about me just going out there and trying to appear to be a certain way. It’s about having conversations with people. So if I were to go back on social media, that would be a very big shift in my sort of heart-based marketing sphere is I would focus more on having conversations with people. So more into personal messaging, DMs, things like that, and worrying less about how many people have seen this and how many people approve of this post, and getting that kind of obsession with likeability.

So all that’s to say that the first rule of heart-based marketing is that there are no rules. You really only have to feel into things, and test them out, and get really curious and experiment. And then tweak as you go, try something, get some insights from it, and then try something else, you know, maybe some days or weeks or seasons, you’re full of creative ideas, and your work is just flourishing. And then other times, you might find that you just don’t have it in you to do much more than email your list, for instance. So just know that you can go with the flow. That was a lot of rhyming. You can go with the flow of your heart, your energy, your business, your life, everything that’s going on around you, you can really flow with that. If you’re like me and you are very inconsistent, lean into inconsistency, I have stopped fighting my natural tendency. I’m definitely a rebel with Gretchen Reubens’ Four Tendencies. I’m a rebel. So anytime that I feel like oh, every week at this time, I have to do this one thing and it’s very important that I do it…I wish I was like that in some ways. But I have accepted that I’m not. I’m much more…I guess….of a free spirit. I like to just go with where I’m at, how I’m feeling. If I’m having a day of high anxiety and I can hardly speak, I’m not going to record a podcast, it’s not going to happen. You know, there are some days of the week where I feel really centered to do my client work, which is copywriting or having Messaging Magic sessions with people, or naming sessions, or consulting and coaching. But there are other days when that’s just not going to happen.

So there are no rules. You get to do this your own way. And I think that if you’re at a point where you haven’t yet launched your business, you really really want to go out there, but you haven’t launched because maybe it feels like there’s way too much to get done before you launch it. You feel like nothing’s perfect, nothing’s ready. Just know that it will never be perfect and it will never be ready. You just have to start. So don’t worry as much at the start about having your website perfectly done, about having your social media feeds perfectly done, about having a funnel, about having an email welcome campaign set up. All of that stuff will come in time. Just get started, start building relationships, and start experimenting. Don’t worry about rules, definitely don’t invest thousands of dollars in people who tell you that this is the way that you will be successful, “There’s only one way, and it’s my way, and it costs this much.” Be very wary of anyone who says that to you. Because that’s just not true. I forget who says it, maybe it was Lena West. But someone says, you know, framework over formula. If someone is selling you a formula, run the other way. But if they’re giving you a framework that allows you to put your own formula to it, put your own spin on things, allows you to play in your own way within that framework, beautiful. That’s what you want. But if someone is selling you a formula of “This is how you make six figures or seven figures. This is how you get your first 1000 clients” believe me, it’s not the case. I have taken those courses. And I have not reached the numbers that they’re promised. And it’s very, very disheartening when that happens, because you put so much into it, not just financially, you put a lot of energy into it, you put a lot of time into it, and then not get the results that have been promised is just a letdown. So just know that if anyone is promising those things, it’s not necessarily realistic, and it’s not necessarily helpful.

Okay, moving on to the second rule of heart-based marketing: simplify. Again, you may feel like you have to be everywhere, you may feel like very established business people, the leaders in your industry, the influencers are everywhere. And yes, they are! But it’s taken them time to get there. They probably have a lot of help. And they have quite a big financial pool to draw from in order to spend their time on lots of different platforms. And I’m not just talking about social media, I’m talking about all kinds of marketing platforms. So for instance, your newsletter, your podcast, your blog, or YouTube channel, DMs, what I would suggest is if you’re feeling really overwhelmed, and you’re having a really tough time, and it feels like there’s just too much going on, just pick one thing to focus on at one time. So maybe for the month ahead. So we’ve just started July, maybe for the month of July, you give a lot of love and attention and nurturing to your newsletter. And you focus on “How are some ways I can really support and give value to the people on my list?” You might have 10 people on your list. Beautiful, beautiful. Find out what those 10 people would love to hear from you. How can you support them? What would you like to share with them? What do you wish they knew that they maybe don’t? Maybe you’re going to coach them or teach them. Or you’re going to share some tips, some insights, share some stories, record a video, whatever it is, just pick one thing and really give it your all for a month. And when I say your all, that’s with a grain of salt. So I’m not saying push yourself. If you’re not even able to get out of bed at the moment, do what you can. So when you give it your all, it might be 10 minutes a day. But what I’m saying is rather than focusing on everything at once, just pick one thing. Give it all your energy and focus and creativity. And just stay open and curious and see what happens when you focus on growth. So I guess a nice analogy is, I have been trying to look after some plants and grow a veggie garden. One big lesson that’s come out of that is I’m not so great when I have 50 different plants to look after. Because what happens is, none of them get the nurturing, the nutrients, the love and the care that they need, because I just am unable to focus on all of them at once. I found that if I just focus on one plant at a time, like I’ve got a mint bush, that’s been a bit sad. But the more attention and focus and care I give that mint plant, the healthier it’s becoming. So I find that by just focusing on one thing and giving it all of your energy and attention and intentionality, you can learn so much about it. And you can then take what you’ve learned on to the next focus for the next month. Right? So bringing that back to marketing and business, that might be something you want to explore. And just reminding yourself, it’s okay to simplify and just focus on one thing at a time.

So the third rule is outreach. And by that I’m talking about how to build connections and community with people when you want to hibernate, or you want to hide. And I think this is the catch with social media. It can make us feel like we are really out there and connecting. But it can also help us hide because it gives us that sense of productivity and accomplishment. When we sit there perfecting our feed and getting all our posts automated and perfecting our posts and, you know, checking comments, we can really feel like it’s moving. But I think it’s really important to step back and ask, is this actually helping me have conversations and connect with my community and clients? Or is it just busy work that’s helping me distract myself from doing the tough stuff in my business, the stuff like having a sales call, or reaching out to someone who I would love to work with, right? So just checking in on whether social media is really helping you in that way or not. So, my favorite thing to do, and I love doing this in winter, whether it’s a winter where I’m just having a day where I’m feeling very introverted or anxious, or if I’m just at the winter in my business where things kind of aren’t really moving and it feels a little bit stale, a little bit cold, I write a list of all the people I would love to speak with, or work with, or refer work to, people who I would love to be on their podcast or have on this podcast, or YouTube channel or Instagram Live. People who inspire you, who challenge you, who are different to you, who are similar to you. Get a full list of all those people. And then set yourself a goal to contact maybe three people a day, or a week, or a month, whatever is doable for you this season, and make it fun. So maybe do it with a business friend, or tell your community that this is what you’re doing. Like you could email your community and say, “Hey, I’ve set myself this challenge and I’ve got a list of people I want to work with. Who do you think I should have on the podcast? Or who do you think I should approach? Or who do you think would love my work and benefit from my support and services?” If you can only email from bed, email from bed. If you can record a little video or an audio message to send to those people, do that. If you feel inspired to send maybe a little gift in the mail, go for it.

So Melissa, my VA, and I have designed some custom notebooks that I’m sending clients and podcast guests, and other people who inspire me. Just because, you know, I love to think that something like that made someone smile, you know. And when you send those things out, it warms your heart too. There’s that little excitement of “Oh, I can’t wait to hear that they opened their letterbox and they got this little surprise for me!” You know, it feels really good. And it can, it can really bring a bit of light into your day, if you’re feeling a bit rundown, a bit kind of over. So, yeah, it’s just a great way to kind of inject life into things, I guess and get things moving. It’s kind of like the dietary fiber of your business! Getting out there and really reaching out to people who you’d love to work with, reconnecting with people who maybe you collaborated with in the past, or you heard about in the past, and you know, you’d like to reconnect with, that can be a great thing, too.

The fourth rule of heart-based marketing, when you kind of don’t want to do anything, is to rethink things. So there are a million and more ways to market your business. I was actually chatting to a new client this week who had a business 10 years ago before social media was a thing. And they’ve just started another business. And they were a little bit scared, because they were thinking, oh, I have to use social media and only social media to market my business. You know, that’s what everyone does. And I asked them, well, how did you market your business before social media, your old business? And it was things like sending out press releases, or writing articles for magazines, sending emails and snail mail. All those things can still work now. In fact, I would argue they work better because not everyone’s doing those things. People are putting so much focus on the online marketing area, that they neglect some of these more traditional tools that have stood the test of time, really. I mean, social media is still very young. So things like, you know, like I said before, going on other people’s shows, doing your own podcast, and yes, even social media, there’s a whole gamut of ways that you can market. So it’s about getting creative and rethinking things. Maybe you host an online event, or maybe you put up a flyer in your favorite cafe. You could ask past clients to connect you with like-minded folks who might need your products or services. You could even create a set of vouchers for your clients, kind of like a frequent coffee card type of thing. So that they, you know, feel looked after and they’ve got a little sweetener to work with you again. And infuse your values into your marketing. So let’s just say one of your values is generosity. You can ask how can I be generous? If it’s courage, how can I be courageous? If it’s kind, what would kind outreach and kind connection look like today? And these can be some really nice little pillars to launch from creatively and get some fresh ideas for how you can get word out about what you do.

Rule number five of the non-rules of heart-based marketing is to put down roots. So winter is all about grounding and preparing things for spring. So this is a beautiful analogy. And so that means it’s a great time to do some self-reflection and look at, okay, what has worked in the past and what hasn’t? So maybe you’ve been running a YouTube channel for a couple of years, and you’re just not getting results. Do you need to take some training or change your approach? Or maybe you decide that you prefer podcasting, and you get great traction there. So have a think about, you know, what has been really helping you to reach out and connect with potential clients? Where have your clients been coming from? Where do people on your email list tend to come from? And go there and really start to plant some seeds, you know, have a think about what you want to manifest in spring and summer. What dreams do you have? What might you want to bloom in your business and life in the seasons ahead? Who do you want to invite into your garden? Maybe it’s that you’ve got clients and community who’ve come from other areas, but you kind of want to start moving in a different direction and attracting different types of people. Maybe you want to do different work. So have a think about who you might want to invite into your garden and to put down those roots. You could get a journal, or team up with someone, a business buddy, and do some planning. Maybe you could put together a mini marketing plan for what you will do once you do have that time and space and ability and energy that you don’t have now. Or maybe you can have a look at okay, I don’t have capacity to make these things happen right now. I’ve got these dreams, but I just don’t know how to make them happen. Have a think about ways to get some support.

So I wish that I’d invested in a VA like Melissa years ago, I’ve been doing everything on my own for pretty much 14 years. And I’ve just been amazed by how much she can get done, that I really just don’t want to do, can’t do, feel blocked about doing, or just am not very good at, you know. And she’s in her zone of genius and can get those things done at a much better level and speed than I could. So have a think about where you could get some support. And they don’t have to be expensive endeavors. You know, for a small hourly rate. At the moment, I’ve got Melissa just working a couple of days a week to help me out with things. And for now, that’s enough. And I can ramp that up or down depending on how busy I’m getting. So have a think about, you know, looking ahead to spring and thinking, what flowers would I love to see growing in my garden? And what roots can I put down? What seeds can I plant so that those things will grow?

Okay, non-rule number six is to do something fun. If you’re feeling really run out, rundown, you’re not loving your business, you’re not loving your work, everything’s feeling a little bit stale, do something fun. So as an example, I’m getting some new headshots done next week. And I’m really excited because the ones on my website are terrible. I’ve got these tacky hair extensions. They’re from my time in the UK when I was feeling very awkward about myself, I didn’t quite know who I was attracting. Back then, I was working more with corporate clients. So I feel like my photos, they’re a little bit corporate, they don’t really show off my personality, my quirkiness, and they certainly don’t show off my witchiness. And that’s what I want to do with the new headshots. I really want to show a bit more of my earthy personality and all the magickal things I like to do, and being out in nature. So I’m super, super excited to get those done and to breathe some fresh air into my website and all of my materials, and to have some photos that feel like me and my mission. And even if I didn’t use a single photo that I get done in the photo shoot, just getting out and having this intention of “I’m going to invest a little bit of money into refreshing my look, my brand, myself” it’s so exciting, it feels so good. And it just shakes things up a little bit. So for you, it might be the same. Or maybe you look at taking a fun new course or working with a coach. Maybe you spend some time making a Pinterest board with photos of your dream workspace. Perhaps you create a new brand color palette in Canva. And then create some social media tiles or an ebook. You could even rethink your client onboarding and how you could make that more fun for you and for your clients. What would that be like if you made it really fun and injected some of your own quirks into your onboarding processes? Maybe your contracts that you have, your client agreement, is a bit bland and a bit cold and a bit too corporate. So how can you make that a bit more entertaining and exciting for folks to sign? How can you make it an extension of who you are and your heart-based business while still being what it is, which is a contract or an agreement.

And that brings me to the last little tip I have for you, the last rule of non-rules of heart-based marketing when you are not feeling up to it, and that is to shake it up. So, do something just to move the energy around. I find cleaning is really good for this. If you just feel a bit stuck and stagnant, get up and just clean the bathroom and just feel so good. And I find that when I do that, I get new ideas or I just feel like I’ve got some, some zest to take on the next task I’ve got. I’ve also been doing some morning yoga videos on YouTube. I used to do that years ago. And the last couple of weeks I’ve really made it a habit to get up in the morning, play with Monty the cat, and do some morning yoga videos. And you know, it just makes me feel really good and very centered for the day.

So those are my tips! And I just want to remind you that winter in our life or work can feel like drudgery. But even when you know you’re over it, things feel really dark and they’re not flourishing, they’re kind of dying off, it’s a reminder to be patient, and to have hope, and to reflect, and to dream. And even if you only have a minute, and even if you can’t get out of bed, there are some ways that you can nurture and nourish yourself and your business. So it’s ready to bloom again in the spring.