Would you like to bring an inclusive, ethical and empathic lens to your business? If so, yay! That’s what we’re all about. And we’re learning this new way of working right alongside you.

That’s why we created a brand spanking new resource for us, for you, and for our clients and community.

It’s called 8 Principles of Just Marketing. And it’s here to help guide us to co-create a world where words are used to uplift, support and connect – not coerce, hurt or harm.

And while we acknowledge we won’t always get it right, these principles will ensure we keep learning and unpacking fairer ways of writing and working.

8 Principles of Just Marketing

You can download a copy of 8 Principles of Just Marketing below. Please feel free to share it with your own clients, colleagues and community.

A massive thank you to Isabel Abbott who consulted on our principles, Sins Invalid for inspiring them, and the Feminist Coach Academy for igniting our interest and ongoing learning of intersectional feminism and business.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the principles – and how you plan to use them in your own work and life. Enjoy!

Get your free copy of 8 Principles of Just Marketing. We’ll also send you our monthly Notes From The Cauldron.