Time for my favourite topic to teach: intuitive copywriting!

As empathic, sensitive, spiritual entrepreneurs, the old school rules don’t always align with the visions we hold for our businesses (and our lives).

We’re here to serve our dream clients through our soul purpose. We want to help make the world better and fairer. And while we need money in our capitalist culture to do that, we don’t want to grow wealth in ways that compromise or clash with our values. 

So that’s why I teach Witchy Writing! (aka intuitive copywriting)


intuitive copywriting

What is intuitive copywriting?

In my free Intuitive Copy Class, I offer this definition:

Intuitive copywriting (ahem, Witchy Writing) is connecting deeply with your vision, voice and values to create empowering, inclusive, kind content that converts – by calling clients in with your story, rather than calling them out with sleazy sales tactics. So you can start a conversation, inspire action, foster community, and spark change.

This breaks ALL the traditional copywriting rules that tell us to poke people’s pain point, sell them things they didn’t know they needed, and create false urgency to buy. Eww!

Witchy Writing is:

  • attracting and inviting people in who share your vision and values
  • painting a picture of what’s possible and empowering them to create it
  • sparking conversations and  fostering community with people who believe in what you do and why you do it, and become genuine fans and friends
  • sounding uniquely you
  • taking self-ownership, being curious and letting your inner compass (and your client/customer conversations) guide you
  • inclusive, Feminist and about combining self awareness with social awareness (how we and our clients have been socialised to believe what’s possible)
  • starting imperfectly
  • dropping the “shoulds” and expressing yourself and your work in a way that makes sense for YOU
  • choosing curiosity and play over conformity and perfectionism
  • radical, rebellious and relationship-focused
  • understanding and showcasing the greater systemic forces creating clients’ circumstances it’s not their fault 
  • acknowledging that a bigger income and impact may not be your path you create your own version of success
  • having your ideas flow because you are so tapped in to your truth and your people


What intuitive copywriting is not

How did you feel when you read the list above? What sensations arose in your body? Notice these as intuitive nudges that Witchy Writing is aligned with your soul desires and values.

Now notice how you feel when you read this list:

Witchy writing is not:

  • pulling psychological levers to convince people to buy from you
  • pointing out their pain and flaws, and presenting yourself as the guru or #1 solution 
  • “getting” conversions (although that will be the results, just not the intention)
  • sounding the same as everyone else
  • copying someone else’s formula, strategy and voice and crossing your fingers it will work for you – and then feeling gross when you begin sharing it
  • a construct created by and designed to serve and uphold the white hetero-capitalist patriarchy
  • segregationist and competitive: pitting people against each other
  • creating false urgency: convincing they have to buy right now!
  • waiting for everything to be perfect before we start sharing our content
  • telling people their “mindset” is the problem and they can just choose better thoughts about their experiences, because they create reality
  • Believing a bigger impact and income are the only hallmarks of a successful business


Icky, right? Did you feel a resistance to these traditional rules?

If so, woohoo! You, my friend, are a Writing Witch (come join our coven to be in community with other spiritual entrepreneurs just like you).

Why should I do Witchy Writing?

First, this is a should-free space! So let’s spin that question around: why do you feel
called to do Witchy Writing, rather than go with tradition?

Because you’ll feel much more inspired and excited to write your own copy and express your truth. Sharing your vision in your voice becomes fun and easy – because you’re marketing with integrity and intuition. As you do, you’ll naturally begin magnetising clients, collaborations and community: followers who become fans who become friends.

That’s not to say it’ll happen in a snap. Another bro marketing lie is that growth happens fast (but only if you have the right mindset, of course!)

Your business will blossom in its own time, to your rhythm and cycles. If we can trust this, and release the need to know what will happen and when, THAT’S when the magic is made.

How to practice intuitive copywriting

There are 3 ingredients you need to add to your Content Cauldron to create Witchy Writing:


  1. Courage: What blocks, beliefs and socialisation do you need to see, feel, heal and shift, so you’re empowered to write your truth?
  2. Clarity: What vision, voice and values guide your content and spiritual business? And who are you here to serve and support?
  3. Connection: How can you write powerful, inclusive, intuitive and kind copy that starts conversations, inspires action and sparks change?

If you’d like to dive deep into each (and do some practical exercises and rituals to infuse them into your copy), take my free Intuitive Copy Class.