You’re deeply intuitive. And working with your clients is magical…monumental. The shifts you witness are so electric, it’s like the entire Universe is swinging from the chandeliers a la Sia. You don’t need a blueprint or a proven formula to do your thing. You just do it. You just feel it. You just know it. So why is it so darn hard to feel into content confidence?

Well, there are three ingredients to sprinkle into your Content Cauldron when writing heart-led, intuitive copy that converts. Number one is courage. If we don’t feel empowered when writing and sharing our words and our work, then even the best techniques and tactics will fizzle like flat champagne. Our message simply won’t connect with the people who most need to hear it.

But if you feel stuck, scared or struggle when writing your copy, please take heart in knowing you’re not alone – and that it’s not just a “mindset thing”.


content confidence


A lack of content confidence looks like this…

Almost ALL my 1:1 copy coaching clients (and the writing witches in our Facebook coven – come join!) say the same:

  1. I’m worried about speaking my truth, being seen and standing out.
  2. I don’t know how to convince people to work with me without being slimy and salesy.
  3. I don’t know how vulnerable to get in my writing.
  4. I have no idea what my voice even is – so everything I write or get back from a copywriter sounds like someone else!
  5. I like writing, but I get stuck knowing what and how to write my own copy.
  6. All these experts tell me what’s wrong with my copy – but no-one tells me how to make it better.


Like you, these are all intuitive, sensitive, spiritual entrepreneurs who are so strong when they stand in their power – whether that’s coaching, creating, healing or teaching.

So why does writing our own copy make us want to hide under the covers…or puke?


Because you’ve been socialised to doubt yourself…

Maybe it was mum, or your year 9 English teacher. Somewhere along your life path, you’ve unknowingly scooped up shitty messaging and popped it in your backpack.

Those voices may have discouraged you from speaking your truth, or entering that creative writing contest, or pursuing a creative career, or simply being OK with being uncomfortable…

And then you started an online business and BAM! All the (usually white and usually white men) socially appointed experts came at you with their six-figure formulas and seven-step strategies – giving you just enough information to have a mini win but still need more. And more. And more. While questioning our own way of doing things, and tuning out our own intuitive nudges.

We have been trained to not trust ourselves. To doubt our decision-making powers. And to place all our power with self-proclaimed gurus, who can only sell something that worked for them once (and maybe for a handful of clients).


And when that happens…

We get stuck in perfectionist mode.

Before we even write the first word, we’re worried about getting it wrong. Will this convert? Will anyone even read it – let alone like it? Maybe I should just spend ten grand getting someone else to write it all for me…


But courage comes first

It’s only by taking imperfect action and being vulnerable that we feel brave.

It’s only by tuning in to our intuition that we’ll find our true voice. And our powerful message.

If we wait to have content confidence before writing a word, then we’ll be waiting a long time. And if there’s one thing I know about you, kind soul, it’s that you have better things to do (like helping your clients).

So courage is about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s about starting before you feel ready…because you’ll then get better, and have the insights and inspiration to guide you on.

If you can get into THAT energy, then your words will flow easier. You’ll make a stronger, more authentic connection with your people, and find more clients and opportunities enter your orbit. Like magic.

And all with ZERO icky persuasion tactics.


How to write your content with confidence

OK, so how do you do it?

1. See your story

What do you believe about your ability to build a successful spiritual business? And how have you been socialised to believe that? What do you fear will happen if you speak your truth, dare to be different, and make your own rules?

When we really see all the lies we’ve been sold (thank you, white hetero-capitalist patriarchy!) we can begin to write a new story with better beliefs, and more empowering thoughts and actions. And we can then encourage our clients to do the same – which builds trust, empathy, and a deeper relationship.

2. Ignite your imperfections

We must let ourselves get messy as we figure out our marketing. Choose curiosity over perfection. And just take the smallest, simplest next step: write that one Instagram post, try a new headline on your sales page.

Take imperfect action, pocket the lessons, and just keep going. Because your message matters more than perfection. And there’s someone (or many someones!) out there today who need to hear it – typos and all.

Bonus: people like realness. It builds trust and relationship. And as you share your story, your struggles, your messy attempts, you encourage others to do the same. Courage is infectious…so let’s spread it.

3. Mix your magic
The best way to stand out online? Be yourself. I knowwww, it sounds so cliched. But that’s because it’s so true!

When you blend your gifts, your strengths, your experiences, loves, passions and perspectives, everything you stand for and against…your magic will resonate and reach the right people. You’ll begin calling in the people you most want to and can serve.

Your magic won’t be for everyone (and we have to be courageous to accept that) but it will be for YOUR people.

The more ‘youness’ you infuse in your content, the most those folks will say “Wow. He/she/they really get me!” Because they get you.


Content confidence challenge time!

I invite you to set the timer and spend 20 minutes taking imperfect action.

Maybe you’ll publish a post about how perfectionism challenges you. Or perhaps you’ll send a quick DM to a potential client who you know loves your work, inviting them to a call.  Or maaaaybe you’ll publish that sales page you’ve been tweaking for 400 years!

Take imperfect action. Be brave before you feel it. Go do the thing!


Make more magic

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