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copywriting review

Maybe you’d like to check your words are aligned with your brand vision, voice and values. Or have your brightest ideas reflected back to you – and have someone suggest simple yet powerful tweaks to your strategy. You might even be embarking on a new business or project, and craving a little support and mentorship.

Whatever it is and wherever you’re at, the Cauldron is where it all starts to shift…

Simply bring your bag of stumbling blocks to the Cauldron and we’ll throw them into the fire! What will emerge? Clarity…courage…a whole new approach to the way you work and share it with the world? Only the Cauldron knows…

So press that button below, fill in the form, send us your stuff and we’ll cast a spell that guides you in the right direction. You’ll receive a video review with written reflections and recommendations.

We can explore your:

  • messaging

  • copy and content

  • offers

  • design

  • business ideas

  • business blocks, fears and feelings

  • vision, values and voice

feminist business coach

Plus: we make sure your marketing is honest and human.

And reflects your brand soul.

It’s an easy, affordable way to get an expert eye on your work – and sample our marketing magic.

Would you like to feel more courageous, creative and clear about your next business or marketing moves?

Have us wave a wand over it with a Business Spell.


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